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Doughgirls Catering, Inc.

Doughgirls Catering was founded in 1981 in Whiteville, NC by three ladies who had a passion for cooking: Nancy Floyd, Beverly Strayhorn, and MaryAnne Tyndall. After catering a couple of weddings as a “gift to the bride” and serving as hostess/caterer to many parties at their own homes, the trio decided to come together and call themselves the Doughgirls. Having made quite a name for themselves, the trio found themselves traveling from Fayetteville, NC to Georgetown, SC.MaryAnne Tyndall’s daughter, Kristin Rodgers, of Kannapolis, NC took over Doughgirls Catering in 1998. Kristin’s desire to be a “stay at home mom” was what motivated her to follow in her mother”s footsteps. For seventeen years she had helped her mother as dishwasher, waitress, etc. and had at times swore, “she would never cater." Rodgers catered her first wedding in Kannapolis in the fall of 1998 and hasn’t looked back since.

1419 Trotters Ridge Road

Kannapolis, North Carolina 28081

Phone: (704) 932-5548