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Meeting the Needs of Cabarrus County Students!

We are raising support for the Junior Charity League of Concord. Since its founding in 1930, this grassroots organization has been on the front-lines helping hungry and underprivileged children. We believe it to be of utmost importance to care for the most basic of needs for our little ones. We also understand how critical of a role that plays in their future, as adults. That’s why our team here at the Byrd Agency has decided to support once again their efforts.

We love the work they do and know how important it is to invest in our little ones today so they can become empowered adults of tomorrow. Junior Charity League of Concord’s mission is to do just that, to invest in our little ones! This non-profit operates collaboratively with community partners to carry out its mission of making sure young children are given the necessary support and item of basic needs so they can thrive!

Right now your help is needed! We know that we can provide new clothing for school children here in Cabarrus County and make their futures a little bit brighter. We invite you to take part in safeguarding the future of our children. With our rewards program giving back is so easy and FREE!

We donate $10 for every single friend, family, and/or co-workers you send our way to receive a FREE insurance quote. It’s that easy and there is no obligation to purchase!!!

Getting involved has never been so simple, or Free!